Music Review: Cavell – ‘B.A.M.N’ – By. All. Means. Necessary

The recent track from Cavell is entitled ‘B.A.M.N‘ meaning By All Means Necessary. It’s a great track with that beat that allows you to bob your heads and dance to. The lyrics and great rhythm are both catchy and engaging.

Cavell takes the listener on an honest journey, telling them to rely on God and encouraging them to pursue their relationship “by all means necessary”. The visuals in the official video are awesome eye-candy. Scenes shot in your everyday settings plunged in black and white but punctuated with colourful with bright neon colours.

B.A.M.N‘ is perfect to play in the car, after work, or even first thing on a Monday morning, because it gets your energy up. Having this song coming from your speakers in the car, in the house, at your youth meeting or a concert, will definitely, definitely, have people dancing! Not only does it encourage us to widen our musical perspectives regarding Christian music but Cavell is one of a growing number of Christian Gospel rap artists that are contextualising the Word, without conforming and without apology.

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