Music In Ministry: Sarah Téibo’s special Christmas party for London’s homeless

According to UK charity Shelter, more than 300,000 people in Britain are officially recorded as homeless or living in inadequate homes. This is startlingly equivalent to 1 in every 200 people, and Sarah Téibo, one of the UK’s favourite Gospel voices, is no stranger to homelessness, having faced this as a teenager.

This Christmas, she’s teamed up with her friends at Christ Corner Newborns – a gathering of men and women in a church without walls, each member being a brick of the building – to reach out to the homeless with food, fellowship and music on the streets of London. The aim is to bring some cheer this season and give them their very own special Christmas party!

As she looked forward to performing live in London’s freezing streets, Sarah said, ‘This is going to be an exciting time, as I’ll be busking for the first time ever! It’s always been a dream of mine to busk, and I’m glad that I’ll be doing it for an even greater cause, as homelessness has always been an issue close to my heart. We hope that even if just for one day, those without homes would feel the warmth of love through conversation and celebration of a special Christmas just for them.

Christ Corner Newborns came together as a group of different individuals who had experienced emotional, mental and physical breakdowns, which led them to seek help with the AA. The AA 12 steps are based on the Principles of Christ and these led them to learn that God had carried all our troubles and only Jesus could help them get well. Theirs is a classic tale of the Lost Sheep being found and now they’re out to help other lost sheep. Sarah Téibo with some members of Christ Corner Newborns earlier this year

The event over the past weekend in Old Street Station, aimed to help those who may feel marginalised realise the value that God has placed on their lives. There is no better time than Christmas, to share the power of God’s word and his Gift of Love through Christ. As Christ Corner Newborns multiplies they are hoping to make this a regular event to help people transition from the street to owning a set of keys to the Kingdom.

Sarah Téibo has begun work on her next project ‘Keep Walking’, due out next year. Find out how she’s getting on and how to get behind this amazing woman who is constantly giving back!

‘Keep Walking’ with her and get access to exclusive treats on the way:


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