Minister Blessed releases sizzling summer single ‘Non-Stop’

Guernsey-based Jamaican artiste Minister Blessed has released a sizzling track to take us through the last month of summer. Produced by Newlyfe Records out of Kent, the song is true to its title and will keep you clapping, praising and dancing ‘Non-Stop’ 

The opening line sets the scene for the song as Minister Blessed asks ‘How can I stay silent? Do you want the rocks to cry out?’ A direct reference from Luke 19:40 where Jesus addressed the Pharisees concern about people giving praise to him. 

“People will see you hand clapping, foot-stomping, jumping; and they may think or ask why can’t you just keep calm or quiet? BUT when God has blessed you, saved you, delivered you, promoted you; sometimes you can’t help but to praise and thank him #NonStop”

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