Messianic Musician Paul Wilbur talks worship in Jewish Voice interview

Renowned Messianic Musician Paul Wilbur, singer/songwriter who also works as a speaker and author, has been singing praise and worship music for 38 years and in that time has released over 14 albums.

He has released albums with Integrity Music, Hosanna! Music, and Epic Records, & collaborated with Don Moen & Aline Barros, during his career. His first known musical work “Up to Zion” a live album, was released in November 1991.

In this interview with Shae Wilbur, his daughter-in-law and a Hollywood reporter who frequents the Wendy Williams show, he talks of his beginnings in music, his calling and cultivating a worshipfull lifestyle & tells stories of healings amongst others on the Jewish Voice Ministries. Jewish Voice Ministries teaches from the messianic view of Scriptures and work in Jewish communities including the lot tribes in Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, China, India and more.

Buy his latest CD “Forever Good” from Jewish Voice Ministries website to support their work in the Global Jewish Communities! Find out more about Paul Wilbur via his website.


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