Mainstream media is broken – Common Sense prevails on Kickstarter!

Have you heard about ‘The Common Sense Network‘? If not, you will now. This new and exciting news network seeks to provide the answer to the broken state of mainstream media and present an alternative voice in an industry dominated by the rich and powerful.

Introducing The Common Sense Network – The First 100% People Funded Online News Network for Millennials in the UK.

Have you ever wondered why much of the news we hear in the media is biased? Or why certain significant events across the world are ignored whilst less noteworthy stories are publicized? The answer lies in the limited ownership of the media market in which as few as 6 companies control 81% of the market whilst 3 networks dominate all of news reporting! The problem is that these owners are not ordinary people like you and me but instead include profit driven ‘billionaire owners and mega-corporations’ whose vested interests and hidden agendas force media outlets to produce content which appeals to them.

Founded by 22-year-old Masters student Micheal Omoniyi, The Common Sense Network seeks to present a revolutionary approach to news reporting by harnessing the collective power of the public to fund and produce content which appeals to the public’s desire for clear, honest and unbiased news. Rather than seeking the support of large corporations, TCS will instead attempt to become ‘the first ever 100% people funded online news network for millennials in the UK’, all content being produced by the people, for the people. The TCS Kickstarter page explains the idea in greater detail.

As TCS aims to function with no major financial backers, the materialization of the vision is solely dependent upon pledges to donate from members of the public. The target figure is £50,000 by September 30th. Already over £25,000 has been pledged by over 370 people. Every pledge big or small will help TCS to reach their goal. If you pledge and the target figure is not achieved, then nothing will leave your account. If the target is achieved, then you can proudly say that you contributed to a revolutionary idea! Pledges can be made through the TCS Kickstarter page which also provides more information regarding the details of the vision and a breakdown of what the funding will be used for.

Click the image below for all additional info and to make your pledge:

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