Lecrae releases visuals for ‘I’ll Find You’ featuring Tori Kelly

Lecrae releases the much anticipated music video of his 2nd single this year ‘I’ll Find You‘ featuring Tori Kelly and produced by Frank E. Lecrae mentioned in an interview with HardKnock TV that the song was written at a time of hardships for the producer’s mother and his close friend DJ Official who was battling with cancer and sadly passed on.

“…Deaths knocking at the front door, pains screaming through the back, fears crawling through the window, I’m waiting for him to attack. They say don’t get bitter get better, I’m working on switching them letters. But tell God imma need a whole lot of hope keeping it together…

The inspirational song’s video features a back-drop of the St Jude Children’s Hospital and its patients; it’s an emotive viewing that compliments the music that supports it.

It’s still a reminder to keep hoping, keep fighting and keep believing regardless what your situation is…Life is more than my circumstances and there is meaning and purpose behind everything that’s going on in this world. If you believe there’s meaning and purpose then you can have hope…

Anticipation is in the air for an album release this year at his new label home, Columbia Records.

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