Joshua Luke Smith asks us what we’re drinking in new track ‘Headlights’

Newly signed to U.S. Indie label, Residence, rapper, producer and spoken word artist, Joshua Luke Smith releases new single, ‘Headlights’. He has long been open about his mantra, “Speaking into the Chaos” where he feels strongly about vocalising a clarity into the noise of today’s culture.

Speaking truth and encouragement, a reminder and return to the things that truly matter in life and all that makes us connected by our humanity rather than separated by our differences. Smith has often used his own hardships and failings, speaking to himself in his lyrics as much as to the listener. ‘Headlights’ is a brutal and honest evaluation of the things we consume and the places we go to for soul-satisfaction.

He explains, ‘For me, Headlights is a song about making peace with your place in the world. For too long I’ve allowed the chains of comparison to rob me of the joy found in simply being. “What are you drinking?” Is the question I ask myself to find out where I’m going to find approval and soul-satisfaction. I’m learning to eliminate, from my life, the places that don’t truly satisfy, that leave me dry and without peace. As an artist I want to ask the questions that help move our culture forward and help heal society. I’ve learnt I have to become the first person I ask. ‘Headlights’ contains the questions I know I need to answer most.’

The track is a brave self-examination from Smith and the processing of some pretty deep emotions. Essentially it’s about becoming comfortable in our own skin and letting go of the things that ultimately, don’t satisfy the soul.
Headlights’ addresses an internal struggle familiar to us all. After all, what we consume we become.  The track encourages us all to take stock and ask ourselves, ‘What are you drinking?’

Filmed in London’s Soho, and directed by Dominic Doring, the video to accompany the track perfectly encapsulates the consumerist and hedonistic culture that can pull us away from ourselves and into comparison.

Joshua will be embarking on a UK and European tour with Sofar Sounds early 2018 with a US tour planned for the Spring. He has also recently done a Ted Talk on the theme of disrupting Culture by speaking to the heart of the matter and about matters of the heart, which will be published later this month.

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