Joshua Francis protests Moffat sheep race with petition & ‘I’m The Lamb’

Singer/songwriter Joshua Francis releases protest song ‘I’m The Lamb‘ with his unique blend of original rock n roll, blues and folk, with powerful vocals. The song is part of an online petition against the Moffat sheep race in Scotland, later on this year. The petition has already gathered over 57,000 supporters of the 60,000 target.

It reads, “On 13th August, naturally timid and quiet sheep will be made to race against each other through the streets of Moffat, Scotland, with teddy bears strapped to their backs. 

This is exploitative, degrading and frightening for the sheep, as crowds will be lining the streets, cheering and shouting. Animals are not ours to use for entertainment.”

Written by Joshua and Samantha Francis ‘I’m The Lamb‘ is from the perspective of one Jesus Christ, Lamb of God.

If you wish to add your voice to the protest and sign the petition click the image below.


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