J-Chief & J.Walker of (TLD) release “#UNITYmovement” EP as FREE download

J-Chief and J.Walker of (TLD) have answered the call for more unity in the gospel music industry. The “#UNITYmovement” EP is the end result of their efforts over the past year to bring more artists together to spread the Gospel through music, film and poetry.

As part of the #UNITYmovement J.Walker and J-Chief have worked with over 40 UK rappers, bringing the scene together for Gospel Rap Cyphers. The EP is proof that Gospel artists can work together and produce quality music when united behind the cause of spreading the Gospel.

The #UNITYmovement EP signifies the maturation of the UK Gospel rap scene as its members move on from scrapping to make a name for themselves and begin to combine their crafts that they have mastered and consistently present something high class. Listeners get a great cocktail of styles and sounds they wouldn’t normally get as part of one project ranging from French poets to African ad libs, all in the name of UNITY.

The EP is designed to have something for everyone and bring listeners of all genres of music together. There’s an up-tempo dancehall influence on tracks like ‘UNITY‘ which is a reflection of the Caribbean background of Walker and J-Chief. Many people will be able to relate to the London Grime sound of ‘Unity Step’ which relates to the ills of London street life and the struggle to overcome the ‘crabs in a barrel’ mentality where everyone only looks out for their own interest. The track contains the only feature on the album and came about after a discussion between the artists and GhostLotus about the state of the Gospel industry.

The EP is produced by J. Walker of (TLD) and features a provocative track ‘Glory to Ya’ which challenged the sound that the church is willing to accept in Sunday service. The authentic and comfortable sound of a Gospel Choir can be heard on the chorus, but this is then mixed in with hard-hitting drums and a more traditional Hip Hop sound to unify and blend the two worlds together perfectly.

The philosophy of UNITY runs through the Gospel and with this EP we can see again why UNITY is such a powerful thing. You can grab the new EP for FREE on the TLD website.



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