Introducing Jenny Pegg’s new EP release “Standing on the Edge of Tomorrow”

We had the privilege of talking with Jenny Pegg in relation to her latest EP release “Standing on the Edge of Tomorrow”. The interview depicts the very sentiments of Jenny’s EP experience and the title track ‘Standing on the Edge of Tomorrow’ is a perfect reflection of the EP as a whole.

Firstly, I’d like to congratulate you on your artistry! We love your latest music video. Tell us briefly who you are and what you do!

Thank you so much 🙂 I’m Jenny Pegg,  I’m passionate about championing people in their uniqueness to be free to be who they are in God, and to step into all He has gifted them in and is calling them to. I know life isn’t easy and having chronic arthritis myself, I have many struggles, but I have found that God has the incredible power to lift me out of the way I’m feeling, strengthen me, fill me with His love and give me everything I need to traverse through and be victorious in this journey called life. He wants to bring freedom in everyone’s life and I really want to share that whenever I can so that’s why I write songs, music and devotional books.

Wow, I understand that! Can you share with us the process regarding songwriting and choosing songs for your EP?

I think people are looking for honesty these days and not flowery ideas. It’s not the case that we ask God into our lives and we live happily ever after. Life is hard but He can walk us through and help us to enjoy it. I write my songs out of what He’s done in my life and about the things I’ve learnt and I’m grateful to Him for. I’ll generally go to my caravan in the forest to write and start with a situation I want to sing about. I write ideas and develop them with the Holy Spirit’s help. I’ve got to be honest, sometimes I’m quite blown away by the words He drops into my heart. It’s good because I can never become arrogant about what I’ve written as I know He gave it to me. It may sound religious to some people but it’s not – He just drops them into my head. Always I want my songs to be honest, easy to understand and down to earth.

Experience is everything right!? Do you have a favourite song from the EP?

That’s a difficult question to answer as they’re all close to my heart. Ultimately, my favourite one is the title track Standing on the Edge of Tomorrow. It’s written about when the job I had once loved became very difficult because of the illness I have. I knew I couldn’t physically cope with doing it anymore but had no idea how to change the situation as we were in a lot of debt and I couldn’t just give up my job. In 2014, through a bizarre story I heard a lady tell, I felt God telling me to sell our house and give up my job and He would take care of us. Seriously scary stuff but I knew God was calling me out into something new. I was dreading telling my husband but God had spoken to him too! It wasn’t an easy journey and at times I wondered what on earth we were doing but as He walked us through it step by step, the new ministry was born and I was able to manage the illness much better. I’m in awe when I look back at how far God’s brought me.

That’s truly powerful, stepping into the unknown certainly comes with challenges! Anything exciting coming up for you?

In January 2018 I have the fantastic opportunity to go to The Philippines again for over 2 weeks and will be singing in prisons across the region. Very exciting!!

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