Introducing… Award-winning spoken word artist Samuel Cole

We are excited to introduce you to Samuel Cole a poet of Sierra Leone heritage but born and raised in London, UK. Samuel has received many accolades since starting his public performances in 2014. Earlier on this year he was also awarded the Outspoken LDN ‘Best Poetry in Film’ Prize for his poem ‘Heart Cry‘.

He told aStepFWD, “I enjoy telling stories about life, faith and humanity. I see it as my duty to do justice to the soul of a story – to help the listener clearly identify and connect to the message. The gospel, life, tragedy – whatever the theme may be – I owe it to the listener to strip away anything that obstructs the view to the message to ensure it is clearly understood.”

Samuel’s earlier work includes ‘Young Monarch‘ (below) a piece about motivating young people to see themselves as the future kings and queens of tomorrow and to step away from conformity, towards achieving their goals.

His award-winning ‘Heart Cry‘ featured above, is a piece about the experiences of young people battling and overcoming mental illness. The piece aims to help the viewer see through the eyes of those facing these issues every day’ and to offer hope and reason to persevere’.

Samuel most recently performed as a featured act with the renowned Chocolate Poetry Club at the Leefest festival.

The 24-year-old emerging talent is also passionate about charitable work and is a Trustee for Our God Given Mission – a Christian charity focused on sharing the gospel through social media and events and making a positive and powerful impact to communities that need help.

Samuel Cole performs ‘Hold Your Peace’ // Gospel Drive with Lady T

Keep an eye out for his new material which will be released 7th September 2017.

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