Introducing… Unique Creation – artist & producer – confident & unashamed

Ever since his arrival on the UK Gospel scene east London lyricist Unique Creation, the son of Nigerian musician “Tunji Oyelana” has been continuously and consistently impacting lives. His recent single and music video ‘Fashionista‘ continues in the same vein; inspiring, encouraging – reaching beyond ‘the four walls’.

Unique came to the United Kingdom at the age of 9 years old and could not return to Nigeria with his family. At the time his father had been exiled by the president for speaking against the government and had to go into hiding. So from a young age Unique was able to draw his inspiration from true stories about his life and from the people around him. This informs his lyricism and he sums it up by saying “If it’s not truth, I don’t write”.

Fashionista‘ – the first single from his latest project the “Dark Season” EP, is a catchy dance track in which Unique celebrates who he is as a believer and encourages other believers to do the same. This upbeat and positive song was an answer to a personal question about identity and was written to encourage others in a similar situation to shamelessly celebrate who they are in Christ.

We got in touch and asked him a few questions. Here they are below, along with his responses.

Q1. Who is Unique Creation?

I am a lyricist, active performer and producer from East London. I recently released my latest EP titled Dark Season earlier this year. ‘Fashionista’ is the first visual released from this project and is available to view on my YouTube Channel Unique Sessions. I also recently produced the track for Inderpaul Sandhu’s latest release “Money Ain’t A Thing”, which became track of the Month on BBC Radio London and track of the week on BBC Asian Network.

Q2. How did you get started in music and arts?

I am a second generation musician. My father Tunji Oyelana is a well-established musician and actor in Nigeria. I grew up in a musical world and learnt the joys of music from a very tender age. I remember watching my father perform to a crowd and he would always ask me which of his songs I want him to perform and I would always select one of his earlier hits because I loved to watch the crowds reaction. As a child, it was fun watching adults get excited and overly energetic. I learnt music from watching my father and it has been with me from as early as I can remember. Music is in my blood, it’s what I was born to do.

Q3. What is the concept of your recent song ‘#Fashionista’?

‘#Fashionista’ is all about celebrating who you are as a believer. I made this song to encourage Christians to be confident in their new identity and to always celebrate it. In a time where Christians are continuously marginalised, the song is a reminder to always celebrate ourselves and to never be ashamed of who we are. The name Fashionista is of someone who is always in the relevant trends. Fads and trends get old but our statement is always relevant regardless of what changes around us. This song is a party track to turn on and turn up when it’s time to cut loose and celebrate.

Q4. What can people look forward to in 2018?

You can look forward to many abusive words… just kidding. I have a whole heap of visuals lined up for you throughout all of next year, I will be putting on a very special event, as well as officially kicking off my pub tour with my signature sound that is yet to be revealed. To be honest, this year promises to be brilliantly ridiculous… To all my listeners, and supporters, you don’t want to miss out. I AM NOT JOKING!!!!… 2018 is gonna be nutz!

Q5. How can our readers get in contact with you?

The best way to keep up to date with me is via my website This is the best way to keep track of my movements. You can also connect with me @yawehunique on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

We honestly can’t wait to see what comes next from the multi-talented Unique Creation. Look out for more news and releases from his Dark Season EP – coming soon!



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