InderPaul Sandhu’s ‘Money Aint a Thing’ is Track of The Week on BBC Asian Network!

No stranger to our aStepFWD family, InderPaul Sandhu shares good news regarding his recent single, ‘Money Aint A Thing‘ which was featured on our site last month (view it here). Congratulations to InderPaul for receiving ‘Track Of The Week’ from the BBC Asian Network!!

Bobby Friction, the presenter who discovered InderPaul said “When I pick a track of the week it isn’t out of the blue, or out of the ether. This was a track that I have a real connection with and it’s something I want to celebrate”.  The radio show is available on catch up here.

Presenter Bobby then went onto say “When I saw the name I thought this was bound to be a Bhangra track, He’s a Sandhu but then I pressed play and went okayyy”. The presenter informed their 662,000 weekly listeners that InderPaul Sandhu ‘had a bit of a rebirth and reformed becoming a Christian’ and that InderPaul was ‘literally spreading the Gospel’.

He made his view on InderPaul’s track very clear when he said “I heard this track and thought nice, really minimal, really simple and this will happen to you I promise you at some point in the week, its really ear worming. I listened to it and thought ooo that’s nice, this track is getting its flag flown all week.”

Connect with InderPaul via Twitter. Download or stream ‘Money Ain’t A Thing’ from online stores such as Spotify and iTunes.


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