GRAMMY-nominee Tori Kelly opens her ‘Heart of Worship’ to the world

In an exclusive interview with YouVersion, singer-songwriter Tori Kelly talks about her faith, and about the role that God’s Word plays in her life. In collaboration with YouVersion, Tori Kelly, recorded this song, along with an exclusive 4-day YouVersion Bible Plan called “A Heart of Worship.”

Notwithstanding growing up in the church, Tori eluded to a point in her life where her faith really became her own. She says

“…I‘ve experienced the presence of God, and I know that this is my own faith- It’s everything to me!”

Tori’s devotion to God’s word has been very apparent on her Instagram as she shares daily Bible scriptures and encouragement. Her genuine love for spiritual experiences has also excited many of her followers on as they begin to see how vocal she is about her faith. Watch the full interview here.

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