Gospel Essence bring something different to Sky’s “Sing: Ultimate A Cappella”

Last week, we featured an article about “Sing: Ultimate A Cappella” on Sky 1, where Vadé were singing on Friday night. We mentioned the variety of community in the competition and today, we bring you another Gospel a cappella contestant Gospel Essence who were also performing.

The group was founded by Rebecca Amissah back in 2010 when she was approached by an agent looking for a gospel choir.  Seven years later they have gone on to do great things, such as support Kirk Franklin, take part in the BBC Naked Choir Show with Gareth Malone, be flown out to Abu Dhabi to perform at the Grand Prix and now feature in the Sing Ultimate A Cappella show hosted by Cat Deeley.

Speaking of the exciting journey to take home the prize of releasing a Christmas single and record an album at the prestigious Abbey Road Studios; Gospel Essence say “we were knocked out by Vadé but put up a good fight in the end!” You can watch their episode via the Now TV app

Their style of arrangement is different in it’s intent. Rebecca seeks to make chart music sound gospel, hence the name of the group. She says,

I love the challenge of taking the most unlikely of songs and making it sound like it belongs in church.

We would like to congratulate Gospel Essence for what they bring to the a cappella table, and encourage you to connect with them on Twitter and Facebook now.



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