Creative music & spoken word video tells a modern-day story of Mary’s journey

Mary’s Song‘ is a free resource from Spoken Truth, Bible Society and Essential Christian. Feeling generous this festive season they’ve made it free for you! This Christmas, you’re invited to step into the boots of Mary and journey with her as she gives thanks to God for the greatest gift mankind.

This is a spoken word film. This is a song. Meet the creatives involved:

Dai Woolridge is a Welsh poet, author and an award-winning spoken word artist. He’s passionate about communicating scripture and pointing to Jesus by using words. He is a Creative Development Specialist for the Bible Society and creative visionary for Spoken Truth, a vehicle which seeks to story tell ‘Gospel truth’ through the medium of spoken word. Dai loves it when Wales does well in the rugby.

Cath Woolridge is Director of SOW (Sound of Wales). Cath is a welsh worship leader, creative communicator and a lover of coffee, and anything red. SOW is a collective of musicians, creatives and storytellers based in Wales who love Jesus and want to reveal God’s glory to the Earth through the sounds of heaven. Cath is married to Dai and they both live in Pontypridd. The song was written by Matt Richley and filmed by 2v Studios. For lyrics, chord sheets and downloadable links see Bible

So if you have ever thought what Mary’s journey may look like today, join these creatives in coming to know the Son of the Almighty all over again this Christmas. See the journey, learn the song and share online and on big screens!

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