Charles Chavi shares his heart ahead of the sold-out Majestic AME Awards

The AME Awards, pronounced (AME’s), are being hosted tonight in the Midlands to recognise outstanding achievements made by young people aged between 16 – 40. The Awards are aimed at raising the profile of the Midlands as well as supporting individuals through tailored support sessions based on their needs.

aStepFWD was invited to be part of the event as a media sponsor and for our founder O’Neil Dennis to present an award on the night. We were so impressed with the professionalism of the pitch and the approach of the team, that we said yes right away. This week we asked Charles Chavi, the dynamic young visionary behind the Majestic movement to share the journey and his heart. This is his story:

“Six years ago, in mid-October my father asked me a question that would propel me into my purpose. That question resulted in the birth of Majestic Group Holdings which then subsequently created more opportunities, more goals and more challenges at the same time. The road hasn’t always been clear nor has it been easy. This is mainly due to the fact that as a young creative, you do not really get much support or guidance in how to do what you want to do. You might apply several times to your local council for support or guidance only to be told that they do not support your “line of work”. You might ask several local companies for that same support and again receive the same response. This is not the council or other companies duty to provide you with any resources or guidance, however, constantly hearing the word NO, is not the greatest motivator. That is why I was passionate about bridging that gap between young creatives and getting them the right support and guidance to grow. This project for me is about creating opportunities for people who wouldn’t normally get recognised.

It can be so disheartening working away at your craft for years without much interest or recognition. This doesn’t mean that what you are doing isn’t good but just that you might not be getting the correct exposure and support.

That is why I brought this project to the Majestic Group team and proposed it to them. The AME’s are very personal to me as God knows, in this journey of pursuing a vision, many times I have felt like giving up but then you get that recognition that keeps you going. Many people think that the AME’s are just about the awards it is much more than that! It is about empowering and creating a platform for all the nominees and inspiring the next generation of visionary leaders. These awards are set to take the Midlands by storm and truly create a platform for creatives within the region through the support of local businesses, press and private investors – The Majestic AME awards are going to create unimaginable opportunities for people.”

We would love to say get your tickets but with Majestic AME awards now officially sold out, all we can ask is that keep an eye on this progressive young leader Charles Chavi and his talented team.

More info can be found on and catch some highlights from the event with #ameawards17


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