British Black Gospel: Is Ryan J Bruce a 21st Century Moses?

Just to set the record straight and allow for complete transparency, I have not been paid by Ryan J Bruce to write this feature. Furthermore, I am not one of his loyal disciples in a secret underground David Koresh-like cult. One more thing, I am not campaigning independently for him to be the next leader of a new political party and as far as I am aware, Bruce is not yet on the shortlist for legendary statues in Parliament Square.

I think and hope that I have put a case forward to clarify that I have absolutely nothing to gain by writing about the above-mentioned man.

If you have not met Ryan J Bruce in person, may I inform you that he does not have the stereotypical Hollywood Moses look, a white man with a long white beard. On the contrary, he is a black music industry executive of handsome features who could actually, next to Idris Elba and myself make the shortlist for the first Black James Bond.

It’s not so much what Bruce looks like, but it’s what he represents.

I read everything this man writes, and must say that put end to end could form a book. The title of the book would be, ‘The Problem with the UK Gospel music industry’.

A prolific writer, he is more than qualified to sift through the different sectors of British Black Gospel and come up with a definitive diagnosis. Ryan J Bruce works in the mainstream music industry and has access to data, educational resources and influential industry personalities that could bring UK Gospel in line and up to standards.

From my perspective, he really has no reason to worry or be concerned about a niche market, yet by a selfless act of compassion perhaps, he extends a hand. If his paragraphs are dissected and taken out of context, one could conclude that Bruce is into sabotage and trouble stirring. He is not. He is telling it like it is.

Ryan J Bruce is a bit like an air crash investigator. He is simply describing the debris and dysfunctional parts of a fragmented industry. CCM or Contemporary Christian Music in the UK, the white counterparts for Christian music (read the new Les Moir book) are up and running.

However I choose to describe Mr Ryan J Bruce, whether its Bond, Moses or music industry mogul, one thing remains clear in my mind when you read his writings and attend his lectures……..He is a big part of the solution to the problems that exist in British Black Gospel and may just get us one step closer to the promised land.


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