5 things to know about UK Christian Chart July 2016 Top 10 artist – MoAdiah

MoAdiah is a singer song writer with a heart of worship and passion for making music that lasts. People often wonder where her name comes from. ‘Mo’ is derived from her first name and ‘Adiah’, a middle name means ornament of Jehovah.

When asked about her life experiences and her motivation for sharing her gift, she said “I was crafted with music in me; it is my highest point of earthly fulfilment and I am honoured God chose me to express myself through music. It honestly still baffles me to this day.”

Her music influences range from mainly gospel, jazz, r&b, to soul and hip hop sounds. When asked about her all time favourite singer her response was “that is an exam question! I have many. I admire various singers for different reasons. I grew up surrounded by a lot of jazz (even though I didn’t like it at the time) and soul music from the likes of Natalie Cole, Aretha Franklin and Patti Labelle to name a few”.

In recent years she has leaned more towards the likes of Yolanda Adams, Karen Clark Sheard and Nikki Ross. Her music is a reflection of all her influences both old and new. “My number one pet peeve is being put in a box, so though my sound may be associated with a certain genre, within that I like to be diverse and be as out of the box as I can be…God is creative!”.

Her latest EP, Free (The Music in Me Vol.1) proves just that. This 5 track album, though true to its gospel roots is full of variety and stems across different genres of music including, reggae, soul, hip pop and traditional gospel which the last track will certainly give you a taste of. The EP gives a peep into what she is about thus allowing her to connect with my many listeners; different styles and music preferences.

It is this EP that brought her to our attention and from which she scored a UK Christian Chart hit with ‘Look Out For Me’ in the July 2016 Top 10. MoAdiah is also signed up with management label Elegance Management, the group responsible for top UK singer Rachel Kerr  and MOBO Award nominee Olaedo.

MoAdiah is also passionate about helping people and seeing them live out their God given dreams. In line with this calling, she is the founder of Adiah Music, an organisation that supports gospel inspiring music and provides a platform for musicians to grow & network.

We got in touch to find out a bit more about this very busy upcoming artist. Here’s five responses from MoAdiah.

  • Nominated for the Best Female Gospel act for BEFFTA! How does that feel?

Surreal, as it was completely unexpected! I actually found out when someone sent me the link to vote for them. I am truly so honoured to have been considered. As a newbie, it can be scary when you first come out with something and have no idea how it will be received. This album was birthed from simple obedience to God, I decided to take the step of faith in January this year and have not looked back ever since, so God gets all the glory!

  • Which of your songs do you feel best represents you?

That is tough. I am quite varied in my music taste and I tried to make some of that come cross in my EP but I would say that ‘look out for me’ best represents my vibe. Though the song is pretty groovy, the chorus is a real honest prayer to God “look out for me, I’m your kid, your my light when it’s dark, I need you to see”.

  • Can you tell us anything about your future plans for music?

I have a few things lined up in terms of releases over the next few months. I am also working on some appearances here in the UK as well in my real and acquired mother lands Nigeria and the US.  In terms of recording, I have a ton of songs and a lot of creative ideas so  will hopefully record another album soon. Watch this space!

  • What’s one thing that no one knows about you?

Yikes, there is a lot! Well..I can rap pretty well, if I brush up and put my mind to it, I could spit some serious bars! I went through a phase of being really really into hip hop, way back when before my Christ days. People don’t really expect that when they see me but it was really serious, in fact I was certain I was going to marry a popular hip hop artist.

  • What was your reaction when you were announced in the top 10 of July’s UK Christian Chart?

I was so pleased and grateful. Being in the top ten was great! Thank you aStepFWD and all who supported. If I am honest, I didn’t really know too much about the UK Christian Chart, so to find that their was such an outlet for Christian music was awesome. Keep up the great work!

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