The August 2016 #2 song was first performed on the internet for the national music competition Open Mic UK 2013 and the Wildwood Kin trio have since released the official music video for ‘Warrior Daughter’ to some critical acclaim.

Wildwood Kin are an indie/americana trio from Exeter in Devon comprising of two sisters, Beth and Emillie Key and their cousin Meghann Loney. Their voices blend perfectly in effortless harmony and they accompany themselves on a range of acoustic instruments. A well deserved top 3 spot for the UKCC newcomers as their first ever entry into gains massive support from especially the Judges.

Each month we see an average of 35% new artists that have not previously engaged with the UK Christian Chart. This is fully reflected in the final listing, with 7 of the Top tracks from ‘newbies’ and a spectacular testament to the UKCC’s importance in highlighting and supporting new and established artists alike.

28 months running and still unearthing fresh, new and amazing talent, at a percentage that is nearly one third of all published music by Christian artists in the UK!

Massive congrats to Wildwood Kin on their achievement with ‘Warrior Daughter’ at the #2 spot this month.

Click here for the full August 2016 Top 10.

Ting Tang
Music Researcher


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