#1 TRACK ‘Running’ – Zoe Grace

Zoe Grace have done it again! They have blessed us with such talent in a timeless number 1 track. The first time I heard ‘Running‘, I thought of how new it sounded for Zoe Grace, compared to what I was used to. I listened again, then a third time, and once more again before I knew all the words!

Running‘ is definitely a tune you have to play through your speakers because it’s so passion-filled, you’d want to fill the room with it’s sounds.

Zoe Grace’s vocals raise the roof in this song! Especially in the chorus, the part which you can’t help but sing along as the message is something I’m sure many Christians can relate to; the constant fight that God fights for us to be by His side, and the amount of times we run to and from such grace!

With welcoming harmonies in all the right places, a calm marching-like drum beat, and an easy bass line, the music matches well with the sentiments of this song. The whole arrangement gives the impression of the song’s narrative -running and fighting in a spiritual warfare.

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