The August 2016 #1 artist Fiona Yorke has come a long way in a short period of time at least where the UK Christian Chart is concerned. Her Ian Copeland Green produced track ‘Glory Cloud’ took the August top spot cementing here place in chart history by becoming only the 5th female to make it to #1 in 28 consecutive months of the UKCC.

Fiona joins a prestigious list of top female vocalists and #1 UK Christian Chart singers, namely Rachel Kerr, Philippa Hanna, Lurine Cato and Sharon Tembo who have all carved out a space for themselves in what many describe as a male dominated music scene.

‘Glory Cloud’ marks her 4th Top 10 placement having appeared 3 times in 2015 (November, July, March), living proof that great quality music and hard work does pay off. At the beginning of the year Fiona was named one of aStepFWD’s 12 Ones To Watch in 2016.

Fiona stated that the inspiration for ‘Glory Cloud’ comes from the Biblical account of God looking after the nation of Israel when they were delivered from slavery in Egypt. During the day He led them with a cloud, during the night He led with a pillar of fire. These were different representations of His powerful glory and presence. (Exodus 13:21-22)

The music video contrasts and highlights specific/current social concerns whilst infusing the message of the song. Featured in the music video is the Founder of ‘Father2Father’ Courtney Brown, alongside two of his colleagues, whose presence aims to raise awareness about the effective work the organisation is doing to train, restore and build the family structure within local communities.

Massive congrats to Fiona Yorke along with Ian Green on production. The Judges and public have declared ‘Glory Cloud’ a job well done!

Click here for the full August 2016 Top 10.

Ting Tang
Music Researcher


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