And so it came to pass that for the first time ever in the history of the UK Christian Chart, SOUTHVILLE have landed the number 1 spot twice, consecutively! Let’s take a closer look at this song of theirs that has clinched the number spot this month – ‘Freedom’s Tree‘.

You are immediately taken by the incredible songwriting skills of this Worship team from Yeovil as it is very reminiscent of what you would expect from worship songwriter royalty – Matt Redman or even Stuart Townend.

The message of ‘Freedom’s Tree‘ centres on the love and sacrifice of Jesus (think ‘Amazing Grace’) and what should be our response – A life totally dedicated to Him and His worship no matter how tough and treacherous that may be, as expressed in lyrics such as this:

To live for Christ
Through fire or night

With ‘Freedom’s Tree‘, less is obviously more – a simple age-old message conveyed in simple well-crafted lyrics in a simple song structure, which starts out as a solo with minimal piano accompaniment, builds into a duet and then climaxes as a full-blown choral piece with full band accompaniment. It’s the sort of music you want to wake up to every morning as you are reminded that the reason you are alive is because He lives.

Can’t wait to hear what the SOUTHVILLE team will be up to next after this historical debut feat!


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